January 8, 2009

New Pics up and our first show of 2009!

I posted the new pics from our December 27th show at Goodfella's - If you're ever in Pekin when Jack is rockin' with the Fella's be sure to stop by. This weekend, Jan 10th, is our first show of 2009! BGJ will be down at Crusen's II on Farmington Rd in Peoria. If you saw us there last time, well...let's just say that this time will be better - That's right, the infamous Tommy B will leave his gold pants at home and take the stage by storm! The show starts around 9-9:30 so come one, come all and if you can't come....breathe heavy...See ya on Sat!


December 30, 2008

The Votes Are In...

So, it looks like 38% voted 'other' on the poll. Now I'm curious. Where is this other place that you would like to see BGJ? Post up your suggestions and let us know. If you know a venue or club/bar that we can set up in your hometown speak up. BGJ is always looking for a new place to bring the party.


December 28, 2008

HO! HO! Holy Kanishmas!

Once again Goodfella's doesn't disappoint! Even with the post Christmas turkey still wanting us to sleep it off and New Year's sneaking up for that 2009 goose to the caboose, the Bubblegum Jack party crowd filled the room for our last show of the year. I'll have the last set of pics up as soon as possible.
BGJ will see everyone again at Crusen's on Farmington Rd. on January 10th and we're pretty sure Tommy will be more than a member of the peanut gallery this time. 2009 looks to be another great year for BGJ and we're looking forward to seeing everyone that brings the party and we hope to add a few new faces as well.

Thanks to everyone who made 2008 awesome for Jack and have a safe and Happy New Year!


December 10, 2008

Jack hangs with the Fella's Saturday night!

Congrats to Dirk and Allison McCoy - they took the vows and we wish them a long and happy life together. Thanks to Cody, Mike, Josh, Dirk and Gary for their jams.

Once again Goodfella's in Pekin proves that they will not fail when it comes to hanging out with Jack! Saturday night marked my return to the stage at Goodfella's. Last time I was there the stage was in the opposite corner and the bar was only half as big as it is now. Our second show with myself and Ryno in the group and our first with Tommy. Who, by the way, belted out his signature Journey tunes for a crowd of admirers. We pulled out some new tunes and proved to Jeff that the Summer of 69' will never be forgotten. Should we change that to the Summer of 89'? The ladies showed their support of my wardrobe choice (nope not gay, just color savvy), Ryan was shown a little more than he wanted to see, Wes proved that any law can be broken, apparently there is a hairdresser for band guys in Pekin somewhere and Jeff shook us with a banjo solo...Why? Cause he can of course.

Despite the lack of pool tables in the back everyone had a great time. The staff at Goodfella's continue to support our antics and we will continue to bring the party! BGJ will be back at Goodfella's on December 27th to finish off 2008. We have a lot of shows lined up for 2009 already so make sure you check out the calendar or if you have a Google account you can add Jack's calendar to your own - If you have song suggestions let us know. Jack is always looking for new venues, so if you know a place that Jack can lay down the party then give us a shout!


November 9, 2008

Where would you like to see Bubblegum Jack?

I posted a new poll this morning. My question is simple. Where do you wanna see Bubblegum Jack in 2009? Place your vote and post any specifics you might have in the comment section.